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Pure Therapy offers a holistic approach to treatment. We use healing techniques to treat injuries and to give our clients balance throughout all aspects of life. We offer colon hydrotherapy (colonics), light touch healing techniques and a powerful pain relief technique known as the Rossiter technique to get you relief from chronic pain.

Meet Faith Lewis

Faith Lewis has been a Florida licensed massage therapist since 1996. She attended Suncoast School of Massage Therapy with a specialization in sports massage. Ms. Lewis graduated with honors.

Faith provides a customized therapy session utilizing her knowledge and experience to enhance the healing ability of the body. She believes that everyone has their own journey to health with the support of like-minded people to encourage growth physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our Services

Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)

Colon hydrotherapy is referred as colonics, colon irrigation, and or high enemas. All these terms describe using water for inner cleansing. Colonics are for clearing the colon of fecal material and restoring a natural rhythm to your digestive system.

Facilitated Pathways Intervention

Facilitated Pathways Intervention (Hancock CranioSomatic Institute) is a gentle and effective physical modality that reduces pain and improves mobility by reducing muscle tension and creating an integrated functioning of the nervous system and the body.

Lymph Drainage Therapy

Your cells have fluid in them, they are surrounded and immersed in fluid which is called interstitial or intercellular fluid. Some of this fluid is carried by your blood supply but the rest is picked up the lymphatic system.

The Rossiter Technique

Powerful two-person stretching technique for head-to-toe pain relief which targets the connective tissue, a head-to-toe network of fascia, ligaments, and tendons. This network of thin saran wrap-like material covers and envelopes your body.


CranioSomatics (Hancock CranioSomatic Institute) – Helps to restore proper functioning of the nervous system by encouraging normal and unrestricted movements of the skull bones and body.

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